What Does Eczema Look Like?

Eczema Treatment

Eczema is a term used generally for dry, flaking, itchy, inflammed skin rashes, primarily located on the face, especially the eyes, elbows and knees. Although it can definitely appear anywhere on your body.

The word eczema actually comes for the Greek word ‘to boil over’ which is exactly what it looks like when it’swhat does eczema look like very active.

It is often associated with food allergies or more correctly, I believe, gut problems. I have found that by improving digestion through using digestive enzymes, enhancing the ‘good’ bugs throughout the intestinal tract and taking junk food and wheat products away, many people heal beautifully.

images of eczemaEczema is a case of inflammation, as part of it’s pathology and adding omega 3 fatty acids, preferably as Krill Oil is an excellent idea.

Ingestion and topical use of coconut oil is also very helpful:

To help the healing of the rashes which are present, I use a wonderful homeopathic combination called Eczema Control and it’s associated cleansing bar which has the Eczema Control in it.

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