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Yes, well, those that know me well, are not surprised, but I’m about to move back to Huntsville, possibly in April but by May 2013 for sure. After five years in and around the Toronto/Oakville area, it’s time to go home.

I will be seeing patients there, but also will continue writing my “Back To Nature’s Healing” health book series (on the sidebar of this site) and also my fun stuff…The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles. Book 2 is just about done and going into editing. The site for that is Lady Ellen and Fantasy World of Persephane Pendrake.

I have sold Y2K Health and Detox as it was becoming a monster site and needs serious remodeling and updating. The people who have purchased it are going to be doing just that, and it should be done and ready by mid-September 2013. And I will continue to write for it, but the best place to contact me is going to be this site or Natural Mercury Detox..use the contact forms on either one. I will probably do further health sites, focusing on one issue each, but will let you know when they are live and ready to go.

Please make sure to sign up on the right side bar to this email list, as eventually, I won’t be using the ones you are on in the Y2K lists.

Use the Contact form on this site to find out where I am and when I’m booking people back in Huntsville:


Natural Mercury Detox: I’ve updated that site with many more posts and information. If mercury toxicity is an issue for you or someone you know, please make sure to sign up on that newsletter as different news will come from there.

I wanted to show you a video many people have not seen, and yet the detractors who say mercury is safe always complain that the information on mercury’s devastating effects are not scientific enough. Well, hard to argue with this one, I’d say:

At the site, I’ve put together a very simple but effective protocol using natural supplements, natural treatments and homeopathic, holistic remedies, which one can use to get started on improving their health and moving mercury out of their body right away. You can read that HERE

Weight Loss for a Permanent, Natural Solution:

Now, I know there are literally millions of weight loss products and ideas out there, but the sad thing is that obesity in North America is still on the rise. In fact in some reports, it’s being said that it’s closing in on 50% of certain populations throughout the US and Canada. So for all these products, and the some 46 billion being spent on them…WHY are they not working??

Well, this was brought to my attention by a subscriber a week or so ago and it really makes sense to me.

Jon Gabriel is a man who lost 226 lbs. Now THAT’S a weight loss. But not through restrictive dieting or marathon level exercise. This is a method he devised for himself to address the physical, emotional and environmental triggers, so he could lose weight and keep it off.

This is a guy who for whatever reason, he says, he just started gaining weight. And the more he dieted, the worse it got. He narrowly missed being on Flight 93 on Sept 11, 2001 and this shook him up. He realized a life was not something to squander, so he turned his background in science into a research mania, trying to solve the reason he became so obese (409 pounds then).

He figured it out and now wants to help others solve this life threatening and almost epidemic health problem. Visit the image below and read his story. The video is very good.

Don’t forget to look at what is under ‘Free Stuff’ at the site. Lots of juicy tidbits there, too.

And on a final note:

Do you know the 5 Worst Foods To Eat Before Bedtime? I didn’t…not all of them. I found this blog post very interesting…Check it Out!

holistic health practitioner huntsville, ontario canadaDr. Deborah Baker is a holistic health practitioner, homeopathic doctor in Huntsville, Ontario Canada…also known in the region of Muskoka. She has over 35 years of experience finding natural cures for hundreds of health problems, using natural supplements, (all non-GMO), holistic nutrition, herbal and homeopathic remedies.To inquire about appointments, please send her a note from our contact page.

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