Natural Mercury Detox

This is such a HUGE subject, one I spent a large part of my career on, and still see patients for.  But to do a full job on writing about it, I developed a separate site, just for this one issue.  You can read the full story here.mercury poisoning

I think the biggest issue do know is that most of what is out on the internet is ‘by guess and by gosh’, in fact without biochemical knowledge of how the body actually gets rid of or tries to get rid of mercury and toxins like it.

Never does your body just get rid of mercury. Your detoxification pathways want to eliminate anything ‘non-self’ That could be heavy metals like mercury or lead, but also chemicals, environmental pollutants from the air we breathe, the food we eat. The message is pretty simple. Our detoxifying pathways are being overwhelmed in the twenty-first century..and it’s only getting worse.

Dr. Boyd Haley PhD is probably the most informed scientist on the whole mercury issue on the planet. This is one of his talks at an amalgam-free dental meeting from a few years back. It may be a little technical, but you’ll get the message:

Dr. Alison Adams was a dentist in the UK who also suffered mercury poisoning. She has a number of videos up and here is the first in her series. I think you’ll find it enlightening and all the more reason to detox safely.

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