Gingivitis Natural Cure

Normally there is a small crevice between the gum and the tooth and it should only be about 1mm deep. When they become several mm deep, even 3 or 4, then gum disease is present and food and particle accumulation feeds bacteria resulting in swollen, red, bleeding gums, white gums (getting more serious) and eventually, the deterioration of the bone beneath and the tooth loosens. The gums hurt and bleed very easily as this progresses.

The normal procedure for this is surgery, cutting away the diseased tissue so this whole merry-go-round can start again. It’s painful, traumatic and very expensive. In fact, periodontal work is the bread and butter of many dental offices, but unless you understand what is really going on with these gingivitis symptoms and what you can do about it, you’ll wind up with the same problems down the road.

Your mouth routinely is host to some 300 different types of bacteria, but it’s particular ones – spirochetes, motile rods and cocci which are the real trouble makers, so if you get rid of these, then your body and mouth can heal itself.

The area to pay particular attention to is the neck of the tooth, the area where tooth meets gingivitis curegum. That’s where things build up and hide, leading to gingivitis and cavities.

Brushing and flossing definitely help if the disease is not too progressed. But if gingivitis has begun then devices with special tips are needed to spray salt water and herbal combinations right into the crevice to get all the bacteria and toxic waste out. The one I recommend is the Ultimate Gum Solution

For almost 300 years, it was believed that plaque caused gum disease, but that’s wrong. Sure, it can contribute, but the main cause are those nasty little varmints and in fact, researchers have described at least five different types of gingivitis, depending on which ‘bug’ was involved.

In healthy gums live: gram-positive faculative rods and cocci-predominately Actinomyces species and streptococci.

In diseased gums are: gram- negative anaerobic rods primarily Bacteroids and Fusobacteria

The strength of the immune system to fight off invading bacteria, etc. is also a large part of what happens in your mouth. So what to do?

More On What causes gingivitis symptoms:

Gingivitis symptoms are not prevented by brushing and flossing, but in fact MUST be addressed by eliminating toxic waste build up around the base of the tooth. Funnily enough this was written about by a Dr. Levi S. Parmly in his book “A Practical Guilde To The Management Of The Teeth. When was it published? 1819! So it’s been out there that long, but most traditional dentists still to this day recommend the surgical procedures, which sure, get rid of bad tissue, but nothing is done to stop it from just happening again!

You need to know how to stop bleeding gums and how to treat gum disease in general as it’s the major cause of tooth loss. In fact, studies show that 98% of all North Americans have some areas in their mouths with gum disease. The good news is that there is a gingivitis cure and it’s 100% reversible.

If the normal accumulation of toxic waste is flushed from the dental pockets or crevices each day with salt water, then disease will probably never occur. If however, the pockets have already become deeper than 2 mm., then a normal Water-Pik or something similar won’t be enough. You need something with deeper tip such as the Ultimate Gum Solution developed by Sung Lee on the principles of Drs. Weston Price and George WestonPriceMeinig (Their book “Their Book – Root Canal Cover Up – is Here ).

Just a note on Dr. Price. He was a dentist who in the middle of the 20th century traveled the world, studying indigenous people, one who were unaffected by modern food sources, and lived off their lands. These were communities such as one would find high in the mountains of Switzerland or deep in the forests of the Amazon. Without fail, these peoples dental status was almost devoid of caries or gingivitis symptoms, but not only that, they possesses perfect dental arches, no crowding of teeth and very balanced facial features. It was astounding! (Dr. Price’s book is Here-Nutrition & Physical Degeneration )

Teeth and the supporting structures are weakened both by toxic waste build up and pathogens (bugs) and poor nutrition. Your saliva needs to contain enough calcium and phosphorus to keep the teeth re-mineralizing to avoid decay. And as mentioned above, toxic waste products, which a usually acidic so enhance dental decay, also needs to be ‘flushed’ away regularly. Prolonged loosening, damaged flabby, swollen gums destroy the connective tissue which holds teeth to bone. Then pockets form, collecting even more toxic waste and the whole process just gets worse and worse.

So when the gums are clean, the saliva becomes, again, the healing solution it was supposed to be and dental caries and gum disease heal. And as a bonus, when the saliva is healthy and carries calcium and phosphorus to the teeth, plaque starts to dissolve and all that horrible scraping and tartar removal is no longer needed.

As I mentioned before a water device to flush the area around the neck of your teeth with warm salt water and herbs is the method prevention, but if the disease has already progressed, I advise adding these herbs to the water.

Top one is Sanguinara. For many centuries, native people have known of the benefit of this herb for many health problems and gum health is a major one.

I personally like to add Brazilian Propolis for extra protection, particularly if one has white gums.

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