Flu & Cold Treatment 2013-Difference Between Cold & Flu

Book Three of the ‘Back To Nature’s Healing’ series is:

Flu & Cold Treatment 2013-Difference Between Cold & Fle

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What is the difference between cold and flu? Also learn home remedies for flu, remedies for cold and cough and the best cold and flu medicine -it’s all in this book. It’s important to to educate yourself not only about head cold symptoms, flu symptoms and of course flu symptoms in children to be able to look after your whole household.

Support your health in the most positive and natural way, learning what you can do to optimize your chances of completely preventing the flu or colds and then if you do contact a viral condition, there are protocols to follow to shorten the flu or cold duration greatly. Homeopathic charts of remedies to take to relieve symptoms and get you back on your feet in a few days, instead of weeks.

As a bonus, also included is “Dr. Deb’s De-Mystifiying Medical Lingo”. Ever wanted to understand your medical reports or what a website has to say about a problem you may have been told you have? It’s all broken down by prefixes and suffixes, the parts which start or end a word, which for the most part, when they are understood, the mystery of medical lingo unravels, and meanings become clear.

This is a book, worth it’s weight in gold and book 3 of Dr. Deb’s “Back To Nature’s Healing.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Complex Issues Simplified – Distilled for your ease in gaining necessary knowledge January 12, 2013
By L. Guest
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

I heard years ago “the body doesn’t lie.” As I’ve learned to live with a chronic condition, I’ve become more intuitive with my body than ever before. My body warns me. Don’t do this. Do this instead. When I listen things go fairly smoothly. When I don’t, I pay a heavy price.This book adeptly provides great amounts of information on highly controversial topics so that you can not only make up your own mind who to listen to (tobacco science) or real statistics the CDC doesn’t want you to know about. The CDC says, “Children are 27x more likely to develop autism with exposure to mercury-containing vaccines.”

Here’s another statistic: In 1987 1 in 5000 children were dealing with autism. In 2004 1 in 166 children were dealing with autism.

So not only does this book spell out and give you both sides of the vaccine issue, it teaches you how to prevent catching what is only too easy to catch when unaware of how germs pass between us. This book is a very powerful tool to have in one’s arsenal when dealing with the hypocrisy of the American Medical Association. I’m very glad I picked this book and can keep it as a handy reference guide.

5.0 out of 5 stars This Info Needs To Get Out!!, January 10, 2013
Blair B. Masters – See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Flu & Cold Treatment 2013 (Back To Nature’s Healing) (Kindle Edition)

As a doctor myself, I am continually trying to educate my patients on natural remedies for colds and flu, especially this time of year. This book really hits a home run when it comes to providing all the information you will need to protect yourself. There is not only info on what to do but also the why, that is so important. The rich content is extremely helpful, particularly the many videos that are available for referance as you read. Every year they push harder and harder for the public to get vaccinated. This book not only tells why not to do that but also gives you great alternatives that are far more effective as well. Great book, easy and informative to read. Follow this advice and you will be healthier.


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