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-We’ve gotten this all wrong…
-Say Goodbye to Fad Diets (for good!)
-The Skinny on FAT
-Breaking News: Eating FAT Makes You Thin
-Questions about FAT? [You deserve answers…]
-How to reverse chronic disease (naturally)

Hello Health Seeker:

In his latest book, my good friend and nine-time New York Times best selling author Dr. Mark Hyman reveals a shocking new medical discovery that turns our understanding of why we get fat and sick completely upside down.

So what is this shocking discovery?

Well, consider this: we’ve been told by every health and nutrition professional, leading medical association, and our government to eat less fat – and countless North Americans have followed this advice over the last 50 years.

Yet we are sicker and fatter than ever.

Clearly, something isn’t adding up.

As it turns out, eating MORE fat is the single best thing you can do to lose weight, feel good, live longer, and even prevent conditions ranging from heart disease and cancer to diabetes and dementia.

I know you probably have a lot of questions…

Which is why, to celebrate the launch of Eat Fat, Get Thin, Dr. Hyman has created a powerful Q&A Video that he is giving away – 100% free.

Get the FREE Q&A Video here:


It covers the top questions he gets about fat, and simple strategies you can implement today to look and feel your best in no time.

Plus, you’ll discover how you can get your copy of Dr. Hyman’s new book and receive up to 9 not-to-be-missed bonus gifts.

Say goodbye to fad diets, and hello to a slimmer, more vibrant YOU.

To your health,

Dr Deborah Baker

P.S. Here are just a few of the questions Dr. Hyman answers in this video…

If it’s not fat, what is the true cause of heart disease, diabetes, and disease?
How can we differentiate between good and bad fats?
Is butter really good for you?
And how did we get into this big, fat mess?
Go here to watch

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