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I decided that after 35 years of clinical work, it was time to write what I know, so people could help themselves and their pets to live a longer, healthier, drug-free existence.

So, my “Back To Nature’s Healing” series was born in the fall of 2011.  They are all e-books, available at this time on Amazon for the Kindle.  Don’t worry if you don’t own a Kindle as Amazon in their natural brilliance has developed a Kindle App whereby you can read any book on your computer (Mac or PC), smartphone such as the iPhone or tablet, like the iPad.  Click on the link above to download it for free.

Book One – Natural Remedies for Peeps and Pets
at Amazon.com     or at Amazon.co.uk


Natural remedies, natural cures. That’s what medicinal herbs and homeopathy are all about. Here, at Dr Deborah Baker.com – Dr Deb Baker supplies her patients with solutions to health problems in this manner. Everything from natural remedies for acne, depression, arthritis, headache remedies to using the best vitamin supplements to alter and improve organ function.

This book is natural healing guide to use at home, complete with pictures of the herbs referred to and suggestions of where to find quality herbs and effective preparations to have on hand for when ill health strikes.

Did you know that some herbs have particular affinity to certain organs or parts of the body? You’ll see that in Natural Remedies for Peeps and Pets.

This book will help so much with natural cough remedies or home remedies for sore throat…things that occur out of the blue and you’ll be able to help your loved one get over these common but aggravating health problems very quickly.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Natural Remedies .January 10, 2013
By Lauren D. Vines
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Thank you Dr. Deborah Baker! While natural remedies or modern medicine all have their place in our society, it is wonderful to get such powerful truth about affects and side affects so that we can be responsible, once again, for our own health. With the truth, we can make intelligent choices instead of having those choices taken our of our hands. I truly believe that Natural Remedies is part of the change that is needed in order for America to survive. If you are open minded enough to receive NEW information about helping your body to achieve balance, this book has some great information. This book will be added to my library for myself and for my clients. Lauren Taite Vines / Bookmaster




holistic health practitioner huntsville, ontario canadaDr. Deborah Baker is a holistic health practitioner, homeopathic doctor in Huntsville, Ontario Canada…also known in the region of Muskoka. She has over 35 years of experience finding natural cures for hundreds of health problems, using natural supplements, (all non-GMO), holistic nutrition, herbal and homeopathic remedies.To inquire about appointments, please send her a note from our contact page.



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