Authors-How To Get Your Books Published And Marketed.

Often I’m asked what programmes I used to help me pick my niche, pick the best keywords to get the best chance to be noticed at Amazon, then once the book is to format, publish and the biggest one..MARKET my books.

So I decided to do this page and share this will anyone who’d like to know, and hopefully this will help you. Took me forever to find all the best programmes and software to use. I really wish I’d had this list from the beginning.

Note..please take the time to read the pages I send you to, they explain the programmes in detail and they have helped me immensely.

KD Suite

kdsuitelogoBestseller Analyzer – quickly see what great opportunities lie in wait for you for your Kindle business.
See which niches are selling what, where you can compete, and even what authors are making there.
Find out which are the bestsellers, see what’s making money for other authors and why.
View predicted monthly sales (Red Hot info)..see your possible earnings even before putting pen to paper.
See your competitors, see who they are, where they are ranked, what reviews they are getting, how much money they are making and more.
View data about which books ‘other people bought’ you other product or book ideas.

KD Search Analyzer:  This tools enables you to extract the hottest buyer keywords for your Kindle category.  Find out which words your potential customers are putting into Amazon’s search box…not some useless Google keywords.  Amazon’s search is completely different…information you NEED to know.
Put in one root keyword and easily uncover hidden niches and low competition search terms.
See what the Bestsellers are in these niches, who’s doing well and how to gear your book to compete.

KD Ebook Marketer:
  This tool alone is worth the price of the programmer.  First it enables you to grab the top reviewers in any niche or of any book and then hunts to see if there is contact information for them.
Then you only have to write and offer to send them a copy of your book and ask for honest reviews.

In the Promo Accelerator you can rank highly for any competitive keyword using a secret but completely legal loophole in Amazon’s Kindle search.  Simply enter your details and you are given a VERY special link to use when sending
people to your book’s page at Amazon.

KD Publishing Pro

kdpublishingpro3 One of the biggest mistakes authors make when self-publishing to Kindle is to not have their manuscript properly formatted. A HUGE No-no! Nothing will destroy sales like a book that doesn’t sit properly on the page of an e-reader, or a table
of contents which doesn’t work.
And, of course this is definitely going to lead to bad reviews..and we all know that just a few of these will absolutely destroy chances of future sales.
Also..unless you’re really good at Word or some other program, formatting sucks
and it’s tricky. What a ‘learning curve’. To add to this misery, the recommended
Kindle Preview Tool often does NOT show your mistakes…lovely..*sigh*.
And that’s even if Amazon approve the book in the first place. If the formatting is bad, they may not…or…you have to re-submit and miss crucial days of sales.
We all know that the more books you have up, the higher chances you have of making
a decent income at this.
But not only can the formatting of all of these drive you mad..but managing all the folders for all the books can be a nightmare as well!
So let me show you what Kindle Publishing Pro does to take care of all these you can get to the part you like…writing your books:

So with KD Publishing Pro you can:

    Create new books withing your control panel
    Upload existing boos to edit, or just format for Kindle
    Automatically format your entire book for Kindle
    Automatically insert and format your Table of Contents

And more..and you won’t find these features anywhere else:

    Stores multiple accounts
    Push Button marketplace submissions
    Total Kindle management. All of your Kindle submissions, uploads and working files are kept in one single control panel
    If you’re publishing and uploading dozens of books per session, there is a delay feature that will help prevent red flags at Amazon by creating a delay between submissions (completely optional).

So really, you don’t even need Word..all your writing can be done from your control panel. Check Out KD Publishing Pro here

Books Which Have Made A HUGE Difference

1) Make Your Descriptions Sing!

Any author will tell you that one of the ways to get ‘noticed’ is to have an Author Central page and description for your book that truly stands out from anyone else. Marcus Eigh’s book: KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description teaches you how to do just that, without having to become some techno-geek.

KDP_secret_book_cover copy-marcus
Rock solid trade secret. Instantly empowering.
This information is all “Legit, routine interaction with Amazon’s description authoring interface. No security exploits. No rogue 3rd party tools. No cheating. Absolutely nothing illicit.

Read my book and you will be able to embed anything into any Kindle book descriptions of yours.(Sky is the limit.
Let your book description truly reflect your beautiful and creative mind!) The book description on this page shows you a few examples you can do. But you can go above and beyond.”

Obviously you don’t want to put all of what Marcus is showing here, he’s just showing some wonderful possibilities.

2) How to Embed Social Share Buttons in Your Kindle Book Pages
Marcus’ second book How To Embed Social Share Buttons is equally as helpful as the one above. sharer_cover-Marcus You do need to know that this book is a ‘one trick’ book to get the floating bank of social share buttons on the side of your Amazon page. As Marcus says: “Legit, routine interaction with Amazon’s description authoring interface. No security exploits. No rogue 3rd party tools. No cheating. Absolutely nothing illicit.

Read my book and you will be able to float a set of social share buttons on your Kindle book pages, like the ones floating on the right edge of this book page, hence making it easier for visitors to your book pages to spread the words and give you some free viral marketing.

Important: This is a one-trick book.
You should expect nothing more or less than the one trick of floating a set of your favorite social share buttons on your book page.
The techniques used to embed all other examples on this page such as video, jQuery widget, Amazon Affiliate carousel, contact-me form, Tweet box and Facebook box are not covered in this book.
If you intend to acquire the know-how’s to aforementioned enhancements, you need to read KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description.

Bleupage – THE Best for Facebook Marketing

So how do you market your book? HUGE question and concern. Google Adwords advertising is next to impossible for the average individual author. Even if you’re published with the big houses, often they’ll expect you to do your own marketing, so why not learn the best, easiest and least expensive way from the start
It’s no mystery that one of the busiest sites, with the most traffic is Facebook. People spend crazy amounts of time there, talking to friends and most importantly, sharing posts and information. Well, that’s exactly what Bleupage helps you do…maximize on that by helping you find your fans and readers. People already into your genre and hungry to find more.

bleupage-boxset-1-500 There are actually two tools in this programme. The Bleuleads app and the Bleupage tool. The Bleuleads allows you to go to Facebook pages or groups or events and collect the UID (User ID) of people there, save them to a list and through the Power Editor in Facebook’s marketing Ad Manager, upload this collection or ‘Custom Audience’ for you to market to. Amazing. So as an author, you could go to other author’s pages or fan groups, who write in your genre, and collect those UID’s of people who already like your type of book. Advertising directly to them makes it SO much more responsive. The member’s area has lots of videos to help you learn how to do everything.

bleuleads-boxset-3-500 The Bleupage tool helps you make a great Facebook Fan page, or a Custom post, with a one-of-a-kind look, or an optin form, to collect emails of fans, which you can then market to whenever you have a new book ready or some other news to tell them. You can even make a coupon give away, enabling people to get discounts on your books and/or products. The sky is the limit.

The best news right now is that they are allowing you to download and try the tools for free for a limited time. So before this ends..go over and give Bleupage a test drive. You have noting to lose!

They offer three payment plans, because not everyone can pay for the whole deal at once. And you can decide on which one later, but if you’d like to see what the plans are..visit the links below:

Monthly Subscription…Here

Quarterly Subscription…Here

One Time Lifetime Payment…Here

Here is a video to give you a good idea of how all of this works:

Instead of entering information in a box here, just click on one of the links above the video to be able to download Bleupage for a trial offer

GSH Book Info

GSH Book Info

Back To Nature's Healing Series

Extra Information, Links and Sign-Up for Dr. Deb’s “Glutathione” Amazon Kindle Book:

A Note To Readers:

In my health series “Back To Nature’s Healing” I will refer to products I have used with great success in my practice.

By no means are we trying to sell products, nor am I paid to endorse them. I’m simply answering a question I get every day…many times. “What would you use for…” whatever ailment, in my clinic.

After 3 and 1/2 decades of experience, I have a pretty good handle on what works.

But if you have a fave place to buy your supplements, herbals and homeopathics, by all means do that. My recommendations may help you to be able to compare one product to the next, as mine have been tried and tested by me and I know the results to expect.
Don’t forget to Sign Up with the Form Below to be notified of when I publish a new book in my “Back To Nature’s Healing” Series. In fact, if you’re on my email list…I’ll make sure you can get the book for FREE!!.


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Now, back to the Glutathione book:

My Reasoning on Recommending Glutaclear:


1) NAC – N-Acetyl-cysteine which is the rate limiting amino acid to making GSH in your cells. 1200 mg per day increased GSH by 33% and has been used clinically for 5 decades so is well understood and shown to be safe. It has a strong mucus destroying effect, (i.e. used for Cystic Fibrosis) and is used for acetaminophen toxicity, as a cellular protective agent during cancer chemotherapy, and in the prevention of kidney pathologies.

Another huge advantage is that it can cross the blood brain barrier to be used to make GSH. You see, there is a Glutathione source very protective mechanism in our bodies to prevent a lot of things getting from your bloodstream into the vital tissues of the brain. This is called the “Blood Brain Barrier”. And strangely enough even fully made glutathione cannot cross. So by using NAC, you provide your brain with the raw materials it needs to make its own GSH.

2) Vitamin C
protects and increases the available GSH. They actually help each other using same enzymes. So they recycle each other. And you don’t need a lot, just 500 mg. was shown to maintain reduced glutathione levels and its antioxidant action. Doses of 2 gm per day was not appreciatively different from 500 mg.

3) Selenium
to make GSH Peroxidase, a very important enzyme for toxin and heavy metals removal. Super Oxide Dismutase, another important antioxidant is selenium dependent as.

4) Niacinamide or active B3 – change GSSG (after it has worked as an antioxidant) back to GSH. And it’s needed for Phase I cytochrome 450 activity, as explained in Chapter 5.

5) Broccoli extract – Because of its sulfurophane content. Sulurophane stimulates the Phase II enzymes (Chapter 5 on Detox)…so aiding in getting rid of xenobiotic (anything which is ‘non-self) compounds.

benefits of glutathioneI also suggest and am happy with the results from Liposomal Glutathione from Pure Encapsulations:

The lipid or fat globules around the glutathione made from Purified phosphatidylcholine is a delivery system which uses natural liposomal formation from the hydrophobic (water avoiding) and hydrophilic (water loving) nature of phospholipids.

Liposomal form protects glutathione bonds from the degradation that can occur in digestion, so it bypasses the problem of non-absorption of normal glutathione from the intestinal tract.

In the detoxing alcohol section of the Glutathione book, I mention two remedies I recommend, should be taken as well as Glutaclear.

IBeta Gold:

Beta 1,3-D Glucans in plain language of its developer, Nicholas DiLuzio of Tulane University is, “The broad spectrum of immunopharmacological activities of glucan includes not only the modification of certain bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic infections, but also inhibition of tumor growth.” Truly wonderful at fighting disease of the immune system.


Basically anyone who has a heartbeat can take Beta Gold, particularly living in 21st century North America, where stress, pollutants and toxins are so prevalent.

I would especially recommend it for people with impaired immunity, who are susceptible to allergies, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, slow and incomplete healing and cancer, wishing to slow the aging process, undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, over 40 whose immune systems begin to slow through the aging process, geriatric patients, who are exposed to radiation from external sources such as UV or electromagnetic fields, people with poor nutrition or who consume food preservatives, those under physical or emotional stress, athletes and those who work out extensively, people with high risk of cardiovascular disease.

And last but not least….Animals! To help them overcome illness, stay healthy and live longer.

I have used this clinically for so many health situations with all kinds of success. This and Glutaclear are the backbone elements to natural healing, in my opinion and experience.

Ultra Anti-Oxidant:

Ultra Anti-Oxidant is a superb formula comprised of a comprehensive blend of antioxidants and precursor nutrients to support antioxidant systems within the body. It is the best blend I’ve used to work with GSH in Phase I Detoxification.


For Private Consultations With Dr. Deb — Click Here


We can ship to the UK and Europe, but the mailing and pricing is different. Please email us Here and we’ll get back to you with pricing.

Here are the two videos I refer to in the “Glutathione – There’s No Life Without It” book”

First, Dr. Mark Hyman:

And Dr. Oz:
Dr. Deb’s Other Books:

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holistic health practitioner huntsville, ontario canadaDr. Deborah Baker is a holistic health practitioner, homeopathic doctor in Huntsville, Ontario Canada…also known in the region of Muskoka. She has over 35 years of experience finding natural cures for hundreds of health problems, using natural supplements, (all non-GMO), holistic nutrition, herbal and homeopathic remedies.To inquire about appointments, please send her a note from our contact page.