E-Lybra Testing For Pets

As described in my article about E-Lybra testing, I thought I’d just make it a little more clear why this method is SO effective for pets.

All life forms have bioresonance. A specific set of vibrations or frequencies, if you will.  And in health, these energetics resonant in a very specific way, right down the the very core of the energy molecules of every cell and every structure within all the trillions of cells in a person or pet.

The E-Lybra, which I use to test and heal patients, is a bioresonance unit which can institute a true conscious interactive exchange between the consciousness of a life form and itself.  We know that individual parts of the human and animal body resonate with specific combinations of frequencies and patterns of energy.

Research done by the developers of the E-Lybra have found that frequencies alone are only a partial answer in the quest for finding an interface with the bio-field or energies of the patient.  They have discovered that a key function in the movement of energy in the bio-field is to do with consciousness rather than just a traditional ‘hard wired’ frequency (hertz).

Much research over the last 50 years has concentrated on finding direct frequencies, generated from an electronic frequency generator, and matching them up with the response of specific organs and structures within the body of the person or animal. Although this traditional frequency research has contributed a greater understanding in the workings of the human and animal body, it is a bit of a “scatter gun” approach that deals with a physical Newtonian dogma rather than a holistic viewpoint. The holistic viewpoint encompasses the subtle energy anatomy including meridians, chakras, distinct subtle energy fields within the bio-field, negative emotional charges, emotional and physical trauma as well as the physical body.

The key to understanding what the bio-field requires comes through the bi-directional communication with the body’s consciousness itself.

The consciousness of the patient is autonomous (i.e. in control) in the process of responding to bioresonance patterns.  The E-Lybra is an interface which communicates with the body’s conscious and allows for, via this technology, to present patterns from the Resonance Pattern Matrix to the recipient’s holistic bio-field and receive bio-feedback.

This consciousness contained within the bio-field is so incredibly advanced, that it is hard to imagine why any person or animal suffers from disease in this day and age.  The answer lies in the ability to ask the patient’s consciousness the right question and understand the answer.

There are indigenous cultures in different countries that still possess knowledge and understanding about the bio-field and consciousness itself that have been passed down for thousands of years.  Some of these cultures have developed techniques and methods of interfacing with the bio-field, which are far beyond that is accepted in the west.

Regardless of which ‘camp’ the researchers are in, they all strive to achieve a change in the bio-field by externally stimulating it and then observing a change in the physical.  Many bioresonance equipments can deliver an assortment of frequencies/patterns that include everything from frequencies (electronically generated), vibrational patterns from herbs, plants, crystals, flower essences, minerals and aromatherapy oils, homeopathy, as well as colour, sound and many other frequency/patterns.

The E-Lybra though, does more.  It seeks to find imbalances in the bio-field and through it’s proprietary interface, correct the imbalances in the energy field, once found!

In addition, their latest research recognizes that bioresonance can play a part in changing the way the epigenetic layer of the DNA express itself.  This is done by reinstating the energetic component of the original blueprint of the DNA and by balancing the environmental/social conditioning that surrounds it.

Adaptive Behaviour

Adaptive behaviour is a safety mechanism created by the brain to block out trauma and shock as and when it occurs.  The trauma and shock is encapsulated and hidden to protect the brain from continually activating the fight or flight mechanism. (Hans Selyve)  Failure to encapsulate the trauma and shock would cause severe damage to the nervous system in the body.  The down side of encapsulating these traumas and hiding them is that the brain will adapt around these traumas as if they did not exist.

However, every trauma causes a chemical imbalance in the body which may eventually lead to an imbalance in the pathology around the area of the trauma or area connected to that trauma.  The E-Lybra bioresonance technology can change adaptive behaviour by safely releasing traumas that have been trapped within the person or animal by matching the exact resonance that holds the emotional charges.  One trauma can be held in many places within the one patient and have multiple emotional charges in different parts of the body attached to them.

This is of particular importance to rescue pets and they can’t tell us their history, but have often suffered all kinds of emotional and physical trauma.

Bio-resonance can be used to help bring to the surface the awareness of pre-programming from social conditions, emotional attitudes and spiritual beliefs correcting imbalances relating to these conditions, helping the body to release them.

Further E-Lybra research shows that many imbalances in the bio-field come from environmental factors that includes toxic loading from chemicals, social conditioning, emotional attitudes and beliefs. Bioresonance has a good track record in successfully detoxifying a whole range of chemicals including heavy metals, poisons and drugs. Different names are given to this process such as phase cancellation of a substance, frequency inversion of a substance and others, and they all respond in a similar way by using sympathetic resonance that helps the body eliminate these substances through the normal body channels.

With pets, of course, often the exact cause of unwellness is not known, as they can’t tell us their symptoms.  E-Lybra is able to find the energetic imbalances and correct them in a safe natural way. The energetic remedy which is made from the results of the testing is easy to give to your furry buddy, as it has no flavour.

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e-Lybra Testing Explained

Understanding E-Lybra Testing

What is e-Lybra 9®..What can machine testing do?

The e-Lybra® Systems testing is designed to bring energy balancing to the masses. Its unique technology has been developed to enable practitioners to detect and balance imbalances using a fully interactive software program incorporated into bioresonance equipment. This is for any living entity..people, pets and even plants.

For a complete understand the effect a machine systems testing with a high end unit like BiologyOfBeliefthe e-lybra has on your health, this book “The Biology of Belief” by Dr. Bruce Lipton is  definitely the best I can recommend.

In the words of Dr. Bruce Lipton, from an interview in Planeta Magazine:

“Originally, science thought that atoms were made up of smaller particles of matter (electrons, neutrons, and protons), however modern physicists found that these subatomic particles were actually immaterial energy vortices (resembling nano-scaled tornados) (or bioresonance – Dr. Deb’s addition). In truth, atoms are made out of energy and not physical matter. So everything that we thought was physical matter is in reality made up of focused energy waves or vibrations.

Therefore the whole Universe is actually made out of energy, and what we perceive as matter is also energy. The collective energy waves of the Universe, which might be referred to as “invisible moving forces,” comprise the field (for more information see Lynne MacTaggart’s book  The Field Updated Ed: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

TheFieldupdatedWhile quantum physics recognizes the energetic nature of the Universe, biology has never really incorporated the role of invisible moving forces in its understanding of life. Biology still perceives of the world in terms of Newtonian physical molecules, pieces of matter that assemble like locks and keys.

Biochemistry emphasizes that life functions result from the binding of physical chemicals similar to an image of puzzle pieces plugging into each other.

Such a belief insists that if we want to change the operation of the biological machine then we must change its chemistry. This belief system emphasizing “chemistry leads to a healing modality that focuses upon the use of drugs…allopathic medicine. However, conventional medicine is no longer scientific in that it still emphasizes the Newtonian idea of a mechanistic world and does not recognize the role of the invisible moving forces that comprise the world of quantum mechanics.

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In physics there is an understanding that if two things have the same energy vibrations, they share “harmonic resonance,” meaning that when one vibrates it causes the other to vibrate. For example, when a vocalist can sing the right note, one in tune with the atoms in a crystal goblet, their voice (vibration) can cause the goblet to shatter. The energy of the voice combines with the energy of the goblet’s atoms and the two energies become so powerful together, it causes the goblet’s atoms to fly apart and break the glass.

Some energies when added together become constructive, that is the two energies are summed together producing a more powerful vibratory energy. However, two energy waves can interact and cancel each other out, so when combined, the power of the combined energies become 0. In humans, when energies are constructive and give more power, we actually physically experience these energies “good vibes.” However, when two energies cancel each other out, we experience this energetically weakened state as “bad vibes.”

Microwave oven energy vibrations “harmonically resonant” to certain food molecules cause them to move faster which results in food getting hot. Noise canceling earphones (e.g., made by Bose company) generate vibrational frequencies that are “destructive” (out of phase) to ambient noise frequencies and this causes the background sounds to be cancelled-out and the sound disappears. Biologists are now finding that biological functions and molecules can be controlled using harmonic vibratory frequencies, including light and
sound vibrations.

It is necessary that biology incorporate an understanding of energetics and energy fields, because energy waves profoundly influence matter. A great quote by Albert Einstein states: “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Einstein is saying that the invisible forces (the field) are responsible for shaping the material world (the particle). To understand the character of a person’s body or health, one must consider the role of the invisible energetic field as a primary influence. The problem is that conventional medicine has not really acknowledged that the field even exists, although the “influence of invisible moving forces” has been demonstrated in published scientific articles for over fifty years.”

What does e-Lybra® 9 do..It’s an Energy Test…Much Better Than EAV

Many illnesses and diseases start with emotional, mental or psychological trauma that upsets the various energy systems of the body eventually causing pathology and cellular change for the worst. The e-Lybra® will detect and provide bioresonance patterns to help release the trauma permanently and balance the associated energy around the damaging pathology.

The e-Lybra® is designed to analyse imbalances in the bio-field of the client and at the exact same time produces bioresonance patterns that harmonises the imbalances found. (This is deeply more effective than EAV-electrodermal acupuncture according to Voll) These balancing bioresonance patterns are sent to the client during a session via comfortable connection cables. The range of imbalances covered includes the complete physiology of the body, psychological, emotional and subtle energy systems. There are 222 categories containing approximately 300,000 bioresonance patterns which the e-Lybra® will use to make a comprehensive body status profile during this system energy test.

The e-Lybra® then uses this profile to analyse imbalances in detail whilst sending balancing to the client (or via hair sample for distant testing). The items that are found in the analysis are stored on the database for the client each time they have a session.

How does it work…?

The unique interface between this bioresonance system and the client allows direct communication with the autonomous consciousness of the client connected to it. The ‘bridge’ is the key to the interaction between the analysis of the client’s bio-field and its restoration to balance. Never before in the history of mankind has technology evolved to such a degree that now makes it possible for e-Lybra® technology to work at this level of consciousness and help make a change to a bio-chemical organism such as a human.

A typical balancing session protocol consists of 10 minutes initialisation/balancing program followed by 5 minutes full body scan. The body scan produces a profile automatically selected/tested from 222 categories. The profile is then used in the main analysis and balancing session which is usually run for 45 minutes. During this process the e-Lybra® produces bio-resonance patterns which are delivered to the client and also stored in the homeopathic remedy which the client takes away and takes twice or three times daily. At the end of the analysis and balancing session an ‘after’ body status is recorded showing changes that have occurred in the client’s bio-field which takes a further 5 minutes. Lastly, a grounding formula is run for 5 minutes to make sure the client is fully awake before completing the session. Variations to the protocol include adding extra formulae for specialised processes such as addiction therapy, weight balancing, to name but a few. The use of the e-Lybra® is only limited by the creativity of the Practitioner.

Practitioners may also sample and create their own bio-resonance patterns using the built in sampling function. In this way your favourite products, remedies and test sets can be stored on the e-Lybra® for inclusion in any formula and to test against the client connected to the system and to produce balancing remedies to take away.

How does it work from a distance…?

Part of the design of e-Lybra® incorporates a bridge to consciousness of the selected client allowing it to perform powerful energy balancing – at a distance i.e. client not present! Although this sounds a bit far fetched to the newcomer of energy medicine it is in fact standard practice. To make this ‘bridge’ as strong as possible the e-Lybra® provides a function to sample the hair or bio sample of the client (fur or feathers of a pet) which is resonated electronically and creates the signature of the hair sample. This creates an electromagnetic field and a unique energetic connection to the client. This ‘connection’ is then sampled and stored on the e-Lybra® system. When the client is being balanced at a distance the stored ‘connection’ is used in the circuitry to receive information from the client as well as to send patterns across this quantum bridge. Experiencing this type of balancing just once is enough for most Practitioners to open the way forward to using this exciting feature when and wherever possible. Ideally used for clients in hospital and as a general support 2-3 times a week.

Practitioners of e-Lybra® say that it adds extra effectiveness to their balancing sessions because clients can be helped a little each day through their difficult challenges as a regular part of the support offered by the Practitioner. Many clients can be scheduled one after another, each with their own needs when e-Lybra® is used at a distance. It is not uncommon to give each distance client 15-25 minutes each night when the e-Lybra® is not being used for normal day sessions.

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Dr. Deborah Baker is a holistic health practitioner, homeopathic doctor in Huntsvlle, Ontario Canada…also known in the region of Muskoka. She has 40 years of experience finding natural cures for hundreds of health problems, using natural supplements, (all non-GMO), holistic nutrition, herbal and homeopathic remedies.

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Eat Fat-Get Thin Sample Recipes

Here are a couple of the recipes in Dr. Mark Hyman’s Book: Eat Fat – Get Thin

See The Info Page On Eat Fat – Get Thin Here

Greek Chicken Thighs:



Mediterranean flavors of lemon, oregano, artichokes, and olives make for a delicious dinner dish. Look for jarred, pitted olives, but also check out the options in the deli section of your market. Serve this dish in shallow bowls with the vegetables and juices poured over the top and on the side, and a tossed green salad with a quarter of an avocado per person, dressed with vinaigrette

Yield: 4 servings Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 25 minutes

  • 8 bone‑in, skin‑on chicken thighs (about 2. pounds)
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt
  • ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon granulated garlic
  • 1 medium onion
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 large garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 1 can (15 ounces) water-packed artichoke hearts, well drained
  • 4 ounces mixed, pitted Greek olives
  • 1 1/2 cups low-sodium chicken broth
  • 2 tablespoons fresh chopped oregano leaves (or 2 teaspoons dried)
  • 1 large lemon, sliced into thin rounds (preferably Meyer lemon)
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 1 tablespoon arrowroot starch

Trim any excess fat from the chicken thighs. Season the chicken with the salt, pepper, and granulated garlic.

Cut the onion in half through the root end. Peel, then lay the onion flat on a cutting board and slice crosswise into thin half-moons.

Heat 1 1/2 tablespoons of the olive oil in a large, heavy, wide pan (3‑ to 4‑quart braiser or saute pan) over medium heat. When the oil is hot, add the chicken, skin side down. Cook until the skin is crisp and golden brown, 7 to 9 minutes. Move the chicken thighs to a plate or rimmed baking sheet.

To the same pan, add the onions and cook until softened, 3 to 4 minutes. Add the chopped garlic and cook 1 minute more. Add the drained artichoke hearts, olives, broth, remaining 1 tablespoon olive oil, and oregano. Add the chicken thighs back into the pan and top with the lemon slices.

Bring the mixture to a strong simmer, put the lid on, and reduce the heat to medium low. Simmer over low heat for 12 to 13 minutes or until the thighs reach an internal temperature of 165°F when measured with a digital thermometer.

To serve, place the chicken thighs in shallow bowls and pour the vegetables and jus over the top. If you prefer thicker gravy, in a small bowl or measuring cup whisk together 1 tablespoon arrowroot starch and 1 tablespoon cold water until smooth. Remove the chicken thighs from the pan. Stir arrowroot mixture into the pan and stir and cook 1 to 2 minutes, until the juices thicken into gravy.

Nutritional analysis per serving (2 thighs and a quarter of the vegetables and sauce): calories 450, fat 25 g, saturated fat 4 g, cholesterol 160 mg, fiber 4 g, protein 39 g, carbohydrate 24 g, sodium 690 mg

This recipe taken from Dr. Mark Hyman’s Eat Fat, Get Thin

Ginger Spice Smoothie:


This creamy, spiced, low-carb smoothie is a great way to start your day and get it into fat-burning mode. The ginger is also great for digestion.

Yield: 1 serving Prep time: 5 minutes

  • 1. cups almond or cashew milk
  • 2 tablespoons raw almond butter
  • 2 teaspoons grated ginger
  • ¼ teaspoon grated nutmeg
  • optional: 1 handful baby spinach or greens of choice

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy.

Nutritional analysis per serving (1½ cups): calories 400, fat 31 g, saturated fat 4 g, cholesterol 0 mg, fiber 7 g, protein 13 g, carbohydrate 19 g, sodium 30 mg

This recipe taken from Dr. Mark Hyman’s Eat Fat, Get Thin

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As it turns out, eating MORE fat is the single best thing you can do to lose weight, feel good, live longer, and even prevent conditions ranging from heart disease and cancer to diabetes and dementia.

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And how did we get into this big, fat mess?
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See Some Sample Recipes From Eat Fat – Get Thin Here

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How To Strengthen The Immune System-The ‘Right’ Beta Glucan

Improving Your Immune System? – One Sure Way – Beta Glucan

What does the immune system do?

The immune system’s main “job” is to protect your body against infection, disease or heal after trauma. Enhancement of the immune system has become a very “hot” topic because of the obvious declining state of the immune system, even in young children. More and more people are ill with colds, influenza, cancers, and a general existence of low energy, immune-system-structureslack of vigour..and plain just not feeling well.

What has happened? Why do we as practitioners see more and more chronic illness in younger and younger patients? Even in pets..they are getting “human” diseases at an alarmingly rapid rate..and again..far too young.

 I believe the largest contributor is our lousy, over-processed, North American diet and it applies to pet food as well. With far too much sugars, chemicals and ‘Frankenfood’ in it, no wonder people are getting sick.

Of course, things like stress, lack of good sleep, lack of effective exercise also contribute, but assuming one is now aware and changing these factors, what can help everyone, human and pets to boost their immune system?

Beta 1,3 Glucans..But NOT Just Any Beta..

Beta-1, 3-D glucan is the sole active ingredient in Beta Gold from  Transferpoint, the ONLY one I’ll use in my practise. It is derived from the cell walls of baker’s yeast, (its not the protein of the yeast so it does NOT affect or cause yeast allergy) making it the precise substance for which the actual glucan macrophage receptor (the active part ) has been identified.   (Beta-1, 3-D glucan is technically referred to as a polybranched polyglucose – so complex a name,  some refer to it as fiber).

In plainer language of its developer, Nicholas DiLuzio of Tulane University, “The broad spectrum of immunopharmacological activities of glucan includes not only the (modification and therefore preventing them to replicate and harm us) of certain bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic infections, but also inhibition of tumor growth.” Truly wonderful at fighting any disease of the immune system.

Beta Gold glucan is a baker’s yeast extract. baker’s yeast extracts have has been given a G.R.A.S. Rating (Generally Regarded As Safe) rating by the FDA. No adversity or toxicity can be known to have this rating. It does not contain the protein part of the yeast, so is not allergy inducing.

A0001001.mainBasically anyone who has a heartbeat can take Beta Gold, particularly living in 21st century North America, where stress, pollutants and toxins are so prevalent. I would especially recommend it for people with impaired immunity, who are susceptible to allergies, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, slow and incomplete healing and cancer, wishing to slow the aging process, undergoing radiation or chemotherapy.

Over 40, most immune systems begin to slow through the aging process, so geriatric patients, who are exposed to radiation from external sources such as UV or electromagnetic fields, people with poor nutrition or who consume food preservatives, those under physical or emotional stress, athletes and those who work out extensively, people with high risk of cardiovascular disease should be taking this, for sure. And last but not least….Animals! To help them overcome illness, stay healthy and live longer.

We Now Have Beta Gold – Simply The BEST Beta Glucan Product (See Below For Third Party Research Info)

USA Delivery – Price: $75.00 USD
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Third Party Research:

One of the things VERY few companies do is ‘Third Party Research’ which means that they have their product tested and confirmed by a research company who has NO vested interest in the product or the results, whatsoever.

Beta Gold Called Glucan #300 in the tests results included:

“Glucan #300 showed a broad range of action. Glucan #300
was the biologically most relevant immunomodulator.”

“When I share Beta-1,3D Glucan with my patients, I know
they have a safe and effective product that meets their healthcare

“After 30 years of dental surgery, I found a biological response
modifier that I use along with the standard of care to help
deal with antiobiotic resistance, post operative complications,
allergic reactions and other complex issues.”

IF you are looking for an immune support supplement,
now is the time to discover Transfer Point’s Beta glucan.
Continuously and thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy
by leading universities and teaching hospitals.*
The supplements listed at left all claim to benefit the immune
system. Each was third party tested and not one single
supplement evaluated was close to matching the immune
enhancing capabilities of our Beta glucan.
We don’t just claim Transfer Point’s Beta glucan can enhance
the immune response, we prove it.

Glucan #300, manufactured by A. J. Lanigan
shown superior to all compounds tested


Compounds requiring over 8x the
dose of Glucan #300
for same immune effect• PSK Krestin by Kureha Corp.• MaitakeGold 404® by Tradeworks Group, Inc.• Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan by NOW®
Compounds requiring over 32x the
dose of Glucan #300
for same immune effect• Epicor™ by Diamond V• Immutol® by Biotec ASA• RM-10™ by Garden of Life

Compounds requiring over 64x the
dose of Glucan #300

for same immune effect

• BioBran® by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

• Manapol® by Carrington Labs

• Immune Builder® by Mushroom Science

• Senseiro by Kyowa Engineering, Japan

• Immune Renew™ by NOW®

• Manapol® Plus MaitakeGold 404® by Carrington Labs

• Wolfberry Powder by Rich Nature™ Nutraceutical Labs

• Transfer Factor™ by Source Naturals®

• Glucagel™ by GraceLinc Ltd.

• Beta Glucan 1,3 Glucans by Solgar®

• Immune Factors™ by Andrew Lessman

• Immunity Booster™ by Twinlab®

• MC–Glucan by Macrocare Tech., Ltd., Korea

• Oat Beta Glucan 1000™ by Dr.David Wheeler

• Beta Sweet–Southeast Asia

• Beta 1,3 Glucan by Vitamin World

• BETAMax by Chisolm Biological Labs

Compounds requiring over 160x the
dose of

Glucan #300 for same immune effect

• MacroForce™ by ImmuDyne, Inc.

• Maximum Beta Glucan™ by Young Again Nutrients

• Advanced Ambrotose™ 375 by Mannatech, Inc.

• AHCC ImmPOWER™ (Active Hexose Correlated

Compound) by American BioSciences, Inc.

• Vitamin C by Cognis

• NSC 100™ by Nutritional Supply Corporation

• Baker’s Yeast by Fleischman’s®

• ViscoFiber™ by Cevena

• Cell Forte/IP6/Inositol by Enzymatic Therapy

• ASTRAGALUS by SmartBasic

• Advanced Colostrom Plus™ by Symbiotics

These products produced less

than saline, the negative

• Vitamin C by AIDP, Inc.

• Ambrotose by Mannatech, Inc.

• BioChoice® Immune 26 by Legacy for Life, Inc.

• 4Life® Transfer Factor™ by 4Life Research

• ACTIValoe™ by Aloecorp, Inc.

I also have stacks of reference articles..Please Contact Me Here If You’d Like Them

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What Is: Paleo Diet?

Why The Paleo Diet Works

The base diet for humans is and always meant to be Paleo.  This includes vegetables, (lots), fruit, nuts, seeds, roots and meat.  And a wide variety of all.

But look at what people eat commonly, today: refunded sugar, high fructose corn syrup (both present in large amounts in any processed food), cereals, grains, bread, potatoes and paleodietoften pasteurized milk products.  Also the range of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and root is very narrow.

So although some authorities would have us believe we are at a pinnacle of human development, with our food system producing humans with greater health and longevity than ever before – it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It is a known fact that this generation of children are the first – ever- who are predicted to live shorter lives than their parents!  Humans today suffer more chronic and debilitating diseases than ever before.

Sure, some diseases have been eradicated because of better sanitation, but on the overall the amount of diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis, digestive ailments is scandalous considering what is known about them.  The problem is that in most situations, patients are treated with drugs and not being educated on how to eat to heal their bodies and live a healthy, long life.

In studies, people eating a paleo diet, not only felt better and their cholesterol, tryglycerides and blood sugar improved, but they lost weight, consistently.

I know, you’ve been told for the past three decades that eating fat makes you fat. WRONG!  What makes you fat? In a word – Carbohydrates!  That’s it.

Why? When you eat too many carbs and sugars, you set off a whole host of chemical reactions which results in fat production and storage.

For Example:

1) Fructose is metabolized differently from glucose, with the majority being turned directly into fat because fructose stimulates a powerful ‘fat switch’ in your cells.

2) This rapidly leads to weight gain and abdominal obesity (beer belly), decreased HDL (the good cholesterol), increased LDL (the bad one), higher triglycerides (the main cause of heart disease and blood sugar problems), higher blood sugar and high blood pressure – all the major symptoms of ‘metabolic syndrome’.

3) Dietary carbohydrates, especially fructose are the primary source of an substance in your cells called ‘glycerol-3-phospate’ (G-3-P) which causes fat to become ‘stuck’ in your tissues, making weight loss harder.

4) And to make things worse…high carb intake raises your insulin levels, which then prevents fat from being released.

5) Fructose further tricks your body into gaining weight by turning off your body’s appetite control system.  Normally, when you’ve eaten, a hormone ‘gherlin’ or ‘hunger hormone’ is suppressed and you stop eating.  Fructose doesn’t do this, so you think you’re still hungry and over eat.

Paleo Shopping List
Paleo Shopping List

Also, ‘leptin’ or the ‘satiety hormone’ should be stimulated to let you know you’ve had enough, but fructose doesn’t do this either. So it gives you a double whammy to your control centres.  So you don’t know you’ve had enough, keep eating, thinking you’re hungry all the time.  This leads to insulin resistance which is a huge factor not only in type 2 diabetes an heart disease, but also now strongly implicated in many cancers!

And the real kicker is – NO amount of exercise will help you release this kind of fat.  If you continue to eat too much fructose and other sugars, the chemistry is always in place to become and stay – FAT.

According to Dr. Lynda Frassetto, following the Paleo diet can reduce cholesterol levels by 30 points in two weeks.  This is the type of lowering one gets from taking statin drugs for SIX weeks, without the harmful side effects.

Dr. Loren Cordain, author of The Paleo Diet and one of the world’s leading experts on Paleolithic nutrition, states:

“The nutritional qualities of modern processed foods and foods introduced during the Neolithic period are discordant with our ancient and conservative genome. This genetic discordance ultimately manifests itself as various chronic illnesses, which have been dubbed ‘diseases of civilization.’ By severely reducing or eliminating these foods and replacing them with a more healthful cuisine, possessing nutrient qualities more in line with the foods our ancestors consumed, it is possible to improve health and reduce the risk of chronic disease.”

Another bonus of the Paleo diet is because fructose is a major promoter of hypertension—far more so than salt, people consistently see lowered bp. The connecting link between fructose consumption and hypertension lies in the uric acid produced. Uric acid is a byproduct of fructose metabolism, and increased uric acid levels drive up your blood pressure., not to mention leads to gout, a very painful condition.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff explained this in some detail in an interview.

Paleo Diet Menu

“In summary, when you eat a diet high in fructose and other sugars, it over-taxes your liver as it cannot properly make cholesterol while simultaneously processing fructose (which it turns into fat). As a result, you end up with impaired cholesterol formation, which can eventually lead to a cholesterol and cholesterol sulfate deficiency.

At that point, your body begins to form arterial plaque to compensate for this deficiency, because your platelets can produce the cholesterol sulfate your heart and brain needs within that plaque. It’s a sort of backup mechanism to maintain proper heart and brain function.

Unfortunately, it’s not an ideal backup mechanism because arterial plaque also increases your risk for heart and vascular disease. So truly, you’ll want to avoid forcing your body to resort to these measures in the first place, and the way you do that is by feeding it correctly… This is yet another important detail that explains how and why excessive fructose consumption is so detrimental to your health.”

So just HOW to change your diet to more Paleo? You don’t want to go bonkers figuring out Paleo Diet Menu or Paleo Shopping List.  Often people ask “What is eaten for a Paleo Diet Breakfast?”

Yes, it needs to be laid out for you and I have just the thing…or two things actually.

Here are the two programs which  have given, I can’t even count the number of my patients the best results:

Paleo Leap

This program comes with an excellent book of recipes and a very well put together paleo meal plan.

The Paleo Recipe BookPaleoBanner720They include an 8 week meal planner, the recipe book and a bonus dessert book and even 4 of their exclusive cheat sheets to make your life simple: Troubleshooting Paleo, coconut milk, Paleo flours & thickeners, portion sizes.

The Second Program Is 1000 Paleo Recipes:

For those who’d like a larger range of recipes and ideas, there are literally 1000 and  more recipes in 17+ categories.

Paleo Diet Breakfast & More
Paleo Diet Breakfast & More

Check Out Both These Programs Here Or Just Click On The Images Above:

Paleo Leap

1000 Paleo Recipes

Both are only $27.00 and both have helped SO many people. In fact, many people buy both to have all the recipes, info and help. After all, this is a ‘Lifestyle’ to be followed, not just a temporary ‘diet plan’.

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Infertility & More…

Infertility & More...

Infertility-Next Book In The ‘Back To Nature’s Healing‘ Series

The problem of infertility in young couples is raising every year.  More and more, chemicals are being linked to infertility as well as health-defeating lifestyle choices. And men and women are affected.  At one time it was thought the problems lay with the female – we know know that is not true. In January, I plan to author a book on Infertility, but to give you something to think about until then, the following have  been linked to this problem:

1) Monsanto’s herbicidal chemical – glyphosate is definitely under suspicion to cause fetusinfertility and cancer.

According to Reuters:
“Environmentalists, consumer groups and plant scientists from several countries are warning that heavy use of the chemical over the years is causing dangerous problems for plants, people and animals alike.”

2) Avoid other chemicals such as heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, lead) and environmental chemicals: phthalates in plastic food containers, cling wraps, vinyl flooring – VCH chemicals used in rubber tires, plastics and pesticides – PAH – released from cigarettes, car fumes and road tar.

3) Eat organically, chemical-free and choose ‘good fats’  What are good fats? Good fats include monounsaturated fats in olive oil, polyunsaturated fats in oily fish and nuts and midchain fatty acids found in coconut oil.
For cooking use clarified butter (ghee) or coconut butter (without flavour) as they do not OrganicFoodbecome unstable when heated.
For non-heated oil requirements (salads etc) use cold pressed olive oil, flaxseed oil and nut oils.

Avoid the dangerous fats.  Did you know — consuming trans fats hidden in foods such as; doughnuts, biscuits, lollies, candy, chocolate, chips, pies, fries, take aways and thousands of other foods may increase your risk of infertility by as much as 70 percent?

Scientists from the Harvard University School of Public Health advise women wanting to get pregnant to avoid all trans fats. The sole purpose of adding trans fats to food is to extend its shelf life. To minimize your consumption of trans fats be diligent about reading the ingredients and avoid the most likely culprits altogether. Trans fats are mostly listed as ‘hydrogenated fat’ or ‘hardened vegetable fat’ or simply ‘vegetable fat.’

Avoid smoking, coffee and alcohol when trying to conceive.

You may not want to hear this, but drinking coffee decreases fertility. A large study from Connecticut found as little as 1 cup of coffee per day increases the risk of not conceiving by 55 percent. And if you have 2-3 cups per day that risk rises to 100 percent and continues to increase with an additional cup up to 176 percent. And did you know that women who drank coffee before and during pregnancy had twice the risk of miscarriage?

Alcohol is harmful to women’s eggs and men’s sperm and as little as one glass can reduce fertility by 50 percent! This can further lead to damage of the developing embryo and may result in miscarriage. And although it’s been known for a long time that drinking while pregnant is a no-no, drinking before pregnancy has been largely ignored.

This doesn’t stop with coffee and alcohol. Smoking and recreational drugs can also reduce your odds of conception. A study tested the effects of cigarette smoking on semen quality in men and found that sperm motility (ability to propel forward) decreased in light smokers while heavy smoking produced abnormal sperm shape. Scientists have discovered that quitting smoking may increase sperm count in men who quit smoking for 5-15 months by 50 percent to 800 percent respectively.

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Anti-Aging – Keeping Boomers Healthy:

The next book will centre on Anti-Aging – A Manual For Boomers.  76 million in the USA alone and about 12.6 million in Canada They hold some 80% of the nation’s wealth.  They want to age well and healthy and unlike many of their parents – without a mass of prescription drugs. For the most part, they’ve done well financially and want to be healthy and active to enjoy it.

We now know more than ever how the body ages at a cellular level and what we can do to optimize our health and vitality in our later years.

There is quite the list of things to eat and do for optimal aging.  A short summary would include:

Eating foods with high density vitamin-mineral combinations occurring naturally such as organic_0dark leafy greens, dark red-purple fruit and veg, and naturally high levels of glutathione-producing elements such as in broccoli and avocado.

Glutathione is your body’s number one antioxidant as I’ve written about in my book “Glutathione – There’s No Life Without It”

Blueberries for example give a great boost to aging well. They:

•    Reduce your cancer risk
•    Reduce cholesterol levels
•    Prevent heart disease and stroke
•    Protect you from Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases
•    Reverse short term memory loss and prevent brain aging
•    Relieve symptoms of arthritis
•    Fight infection and support your immune system
•    Improve urinary tract health
•    Improve your vision and the health of your eyes
Blueberries   •    Black raspberries are potent cancer fighters as well, with about three times the amount of antioxidants found in blueberries. These berries can be harder to find than other varieties because they’re grown in smaller quantities. It’s harder still to find them fresh, so you may need to look for them frozen.
•    Cherries are rich in queritrin, a flavonoid, and ellagic acid. Both are potent anti-cancer agents.
•    Strawberries contain phytonutrients, natural anti-inflammatory agents that also protect your heart and have cancer fighting properties.
•    Blackberries contain antioxidants, ellagic acid, and vitamins C and E, all of which may reduce cancer risk and fight chronic disease.
•    Cranberries are loaded with polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant. Studies show they may inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells and reduce the risk of stomach ulcers and gum disease.
•    Acai berries, from Brazil, contain antioxidants with the power to destroy cultured human cancer cells. Amazingly, these berries triggered self-destruction of over 85 percent of leukemia cells tested.

I’ll be updating you as these books progress…so keep an eye on your inbox!



Healthy Holiday Recipes

christmascornerDr. Deb Approved Health Holiday Recipes

Every year, I’m asked for a list of recipes I would use..so this year, I’ve finally put a few together here and I’ve also created a Pinterest Board for you to check out. (See Link At The Bottom)

I’ll be adding to the Board every few days so come back often so find goodies you’ll love.

Avocado Pesto-Stuffed Tomatoes
30 cherry tomatoes (about 1-1/4 pints)
1/2 medium avocado, pitted, peeled, and cut upAvoPestoToms
2 ounces cream cheese, softened
2 tablespoons homemade or purchased basil pesto
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Snipped fresh basil (optional)

1.    Cut a thin slice from the top of each tomato. (If desired, cut a thin slice from bottoms of tomatoes so they stand upright.) With a small spoon or small lemon baller carefully hollow out the tomatoes. Line a baking sheet with paper towels. Invert tomatoes on the towels. Let stand 30 minutes to drain.
2.    Meanwhile, for filling, in a food processor bowl combine avocado, cream cheese, pesto, and lemon juice. Cover; process until smooth. Spoon filling into a pastry bag fitted with a large plain round or open star tip.
3.    Place tomatoes, open sides up, on a serving platter. Pipe filling into the tomato cups. Serve immediately or cover loosely and refrigerate up to 4 hours before serving. Sprinkle with snipped basil before serving. Makes 30 appetizers.

Cranberry-Honey Spice Pinwheel Cookies:

Makes: 90 cookies
Active Time: 1 1/2 hours
Total Time: 6 hours (including freezing & cooling times)
•    1 1/2 cups sweetened dried cranberries
•    1 cup cranberries, fresh or frozen, thawed
•    1/2 cup honey
•    2 teaspoons freshly grated orange zest
•    1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
•    1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom, or allspice
•    2 1/3 cups all-purpose flour
•    1 cup whole-wheat flour
•    1 1/4 teaspoons baking powder
•    Scant 1/2 teaspoon salt
•    1/4 teaspoon baking soda
•    1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
•    1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom, or allspice
•    1/3 cup canola oil
•    3 1/2 tablespoons butter, melted and cooled
•    1 cup sugar
•    1/3 cup honey
•    2 large eggs
•    3 tablespoons low-fat milk, plus more as needed
•    2 1/2 teaspoons freshly grated orange zest
•    2 teaspoons vanilla extract
•    1/2 teaspoon almond extract

1.    To prepare filling: Combine dried and fresh cranberries, honey, orange zest, CranberryPinwheelscinnamon and cardamom (or allspice) in a medium nonreactive saucepan (see Note) over medium heat. Bring the mixture to a gentle boil and cook, stirring, until the fresh cranberries burst and soften, 4 to 5 minutes. Let cool slightly. Transfer to a food processor and puree. If the mixture seems dry, stir in up to 2 teaspoons water. Transfer the mixture to a nonreactive container and refrigerate while preparing the dough.
2.    To prepare dough: Whisk all-purpose flour, whole-wheat flour, baking powder, salt, baking soda, cinnamon and cardamom (or allspice) in a large bowl. In another large bowl, combine oil, butter, sugar, honey, eggs, milk, orange zest, vanilla and almond extracts. Beat the wet ingredients with an electric mixer first on low speed, then on medium speed, until well combined. Add half the dry ingredients and beat on low speed until just incorporated. Stir in the remaining dry ingredients with a wooden spoon until evenly incorporated. If the mixture is too dry to hold together, stir in up to 1 tablespoon more milk. Cover and refrigerate the dough for 30 to 45 minutes to reduce its stickiness.
3.    Turn the dough out onto a work surface and divide in half. Shape each half into a 6-inch-long log. Working with one log at a time, center it on a 16-inch-long sheet of baking parchment or wax paper. Cover with a second sheet. Press and then roll into a 12-by-15-inch rectangle of even thickness, inverting the dough occasionally to roll out any wrinkles and patching it to make the sides as even as possible. Transfer the dough, in the paper, to a baking sheet. Repeat with the remaining log of dough and transfer to the baking sheet. Place the baking sheet in the freezer until the dough is slightly firm, about 15 minutes.
4.    To prepare pinwheel rolls: Place one sheet of dough on a work surface. Peel off the top sheet of paper. Spread half the reserved filling evenly over the dough (it will be a thin layer). Working from a 15-inch-long side, tightly roll up the dough jelly-roll style, leaving the bottom sheet of paper behind. While rolling, slightly stretch out the center to yield an evenly thick roll. Wrap the roll in a clean sheet of wax paper, twisting the ends to prevent unrolling (see Tip). Place on a baking sheet. Repeat with the second piece of dough and place on the baking sheet. Freeze until firm, at least 3 to 4 hours.
5.    To bake cookies: Position racks in the upper third and center of the oven; preheat to 350°F. Line 2 large baking sheets with parchment paper. Working with one pinwheel roll at a time, trim the uneven ends. Cut the roll crosswise into 1/4-inch-thick slices using a large serrated knife; periodically turning the roll to maintain a relatively round cookie shape. Place the cookies on the prepared baking sheets, spacing them about 1/2 inch apart. Bake the cookies until puffed and barely golden brown, 12 to 16 minutes, switching the pans back to front and top to middle halfway through baking. Immediately transfer the cookies to wire racks to cool completely. Cut and bake the remaining pinwheel roll.
Tips & Notes
•    Make Ahead Tip: Cover and refrigerate filling (Step 1) for up to 2 days. Tightly wrap pinwheel logs (Step 4) and freeze for up to 2 months. Do not defrost before slicing. Store the cookies in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 1 week or freeze for up to 1 month.
•    Kitchen note: A nonreactive pan—stainless steel, enamel-coated or glass—is necessary when cooking acidic foods, such as cranberries, to prevent the food from reacting with the pan. Reactive pans, such as aluminum and cast-iron, can impart an off color and/or off flavor in acidic foods.
•    Tip: To produce perfectly round pinwheel cookies, enclose the rolls in cardboard tubes (from foil or paper towels, for example) before freezing (Step 4). Slit each tube lengthwise and insert the wrapped pinwheel log.

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Gluten & Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Cups
Makes 12 cups
3/4 cup almond flour/meal (Grind almonds in a food processor or high-powered blender if you can’t find flour or meal in the store)

3 T coconut flour or oat flour (if using oat flour increase to 1/4 cup)

2 T peanut,almond, or sun butter

2 T coconut oil, melted
2 T pure maple syrup

1/4 t pure vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt
Chocolate topping
3 T coconut oil, melted

3 T pure maple syrup

2 T cocoa powder
pinch of salt
You can also make the topping using 1 cup chocolate chips combined with 2 T coconut oil peanut-butter-cups-gluten-free(you can find dairy-free chocolate chips in the organic/natural section of your grocery store).
Combine almond flour, coconut flour, peanut butter, coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla extra and salt in medium bowl until combined. I use my Kitchen Aid with paddle attachment. Line a muffin pan with muffin cup liners. Using a cookie scoop (2 tsp size) fill muffin tin cups with base and press evenly into cup. Place in fridge to set while making chocolate topping.
For the chocolate topping, combine melted coconut oil, maple syrup and cocoa powder in small bowl. Whisk until there are no longer lumps. If it seems thick, microwave for ten seconds and whisk again making sure the coconut oil is completely incorporated. Pour over each peanut butter cup and refrigerate until set. Store in the refrigerator in an airtight container.
*If I’m using coconut flour I aim to pay less than $5/lb. Coconut flour lasts for a long time and can be used in pancakes, waffles, baked goods and more.
A Silicone Muffin Pan works great if you don’t plan on using liners.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites
Serves: 18

•    2 cups dessicated coconut
•    4 tablespoons honey or maple syrup
•    5 tablespoons coconut oil
•    1 teaspoon vanilla
•    4 ounces dark chocolate for melting (i.e. chocolate chips)

1.    Pulse the coconut in a blender or food processor until the texture becomes like thick flour. Transfer to a bowl and add the honey or maple syrup, coconut oil, and vanilla. Stir final-bitesuntil a thick paste forms.
2.    Using your hands, squeeze the mixture into about 18 small balls. I found that rolling was difficult because they weren’t sticky enough, but I was able to shape them into balls by first squeezing them in my palm a few times (you’ll get some oil on your hands), and then gently shaping it from an oval into a round ball. Place the coconut balls in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or until firm. I could tell that mine were ready because there was a small white ring of solidified coconut oil around the base of each ball.
3.    Melt the chocolate slowly and gently until smooth and spreadable. We don’t have a microwave, so I had the best results melting this in a stainless steel bowl placed in a hot oven for about 10 minutes.
4.    Lay out a sheet of wax paper. Using two forks, roll each coconut ball in the chocolate until completely covered. Scoop the ball out with the fork and let the extra chocolate drip off the fork. Gently nudge the chocolate covered ball onto wax paper and chill until the chocolate has hardened. Store in the refrigerator.

It’s very important to use coconut oil because other oils won’t harden like coconut oil, and that hardening is what holds the shape together.
Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk – (Alternative To Sweetened Condensed Milk)

Can you imagine the Holiday’s with out Magic Cookie Bars or the yummy sweetness of sweetened condensed milk?  Well here’s a GREAT replacement and you can avoid the horrible amount of sugar.
This recipe came about because I wanted to make a healthier version of Magic Cookie Bars. Of course there are loads of recipe out there for sweetened condensed milk, but every one of them contain some form of sugar and most contain dairy.

Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk ~ {Dairy Free, Sugar Free}
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours, 3 minutes
Yield: Approximately 9 oz.

•    2 cans of coconut milk (You can use one full fat and one light..but get organic!)Sweetened-Condensed-Coconut-Milk-Collage-300x300
•    4 tablespoons of Truvia, or some stevia powder

1.    Place the ingredients in a small pan and bring to a light boil.
2.    Reduce heat to maintain a steady simmer.
3.    When reduced to about half, and thick like the store bought sweetened condensed milk, it is finished
It may take you less than 4 hours to make this depending on how much you double or triple the recipe, and even your altitude.
This makes just a little over 8 oz. of sweetened condensed coconut milk.

Visit HERE To See The Pinterest Board I Made For You.  Check That Often..I’ll Add To It All Season..

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magnesium2Probably THE most overlooked mineral, medically, magnesium is so important to our health and yet an estimated 80% of people are deficient in it.  The consequences of this low level is quite serious.  It’s lower in our foods than ever and most drug treatments aggravate it’s uptake by our cells.  Not good.

Magnesium bisglycinate (the best form to take) is an essential mineral needed for more than 700 enzymatic reactions in the body. This mineral is required for the formation of healthy bones and teeth, healthy heart function, kidney function, protein and fatty acid formation, activating B vitamins, supporting muscle activity, nerve transmission, aiding asthma, anxiety and panic attacks, insomnia, sciatica, relaxing blood vessels, clotting blood, temperature regulation and ensuring intestinal mobility also called bowel movements, in other words, pretty much all critical functions of your body.

Dr. Dean was the lead author on the seminal paper “Death by Medicine” back in 2003, showing that modern medicine is in fact one of the leading causes of death in the United States. She also authored the book Death by Modern Medicine.

Last year, she was awarded the Arrhythmia Alliance Outstanding Medical Contribution to Cardiac Rhythm Management Services Award 2012. It was given by the Heart Rhythm Society of the UK, which is a major allopathic organization.

Dr. Dean has studied and written about magnesium for about 15 years. In January, 2003, she published the first edition of The Magnesium Miracle, and she’s just finished the third edition of this book.

I was actually interviewed for this book and quoted with respect to Magnesium and mercury toxicity.

“What I want to convey today is the importance of magnesium, how you can get it, how you can know how much you require in your body, and the incredible benefits from using this simple mineral,” she says.

Here is a video with Dr. Dean talking about Magnesium:

Few people get enough magnesium in their diet these days. Meanwhile, calcium tends to be overutilized and taken in high quantities. This can cause more harm than good, as it’s very important to have a proper balance between these two minerals.

If you have too much calcium and not enough magnesium, your muscles will tend to go into spasm, and this has consequences for your heart in particular.

“What happens is, the muscle and nerve function that magnesium is responsible for is  Magnesium-rich-foodsdiminished. If you don’t have enough magnesium, your muscles go into spasm. Calcium causes muscle to contract. If you had a balance, the muscles would do their thing. They’d relax, contract, and create their activity,” she explains.

Magnesium is perhaps critical for heart health, as excessive amounts of calcium without the counterbalance of magnesium can lead to a heart attack and sudden death. According to Dr. Dean, your heart has the highest amount of magnesium in your body, specifically in your left ventricle. With insufficient amounts of magnesium, your heart simply cannot function properly.

While not addressed specifically in the featured video, I want to remind you that calcium and magnesium also needs to be balanced with vitamin D and K2. Many of Dr. Dean’s blogs address this issue and her concern that high dose vitamin D can overwork magnesium and lead to magnesium deficiency.

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These four nutrients perform an intricate dance together, with one supporting the other. Lack of balance between these nutrients is why calcium supplements have become associated with increased risk of heart attacks and stroke, and why some people experience vitamin D toxicity.

Part of the explanation for these adverse side effects is that vitamin K2 keeps calcium in its appropriate place. If you’re K2 deficient, added calcium can cause more problems than it solves, by accumulating in the wrong places.

magnesiumfoodsSimilarly, if you opt for oral vitamin D, you need to also consume it in your food or take supplemental vitamin K2 and more magnesium. Taking mega doses of vitamin D supplements without sufficient amounts of K2 and magnesium can lead to vitamin D toxicity and magnesium deficiency symptoms, which include inappropriate calcification.

Magnesium and vitamin K2 complement each other, as magnesium helps lower blood pressure, which is an important component of heart disease. So, all in all, anytime you’re taking any of the following: magnesium, calcium, vitamin D3, or vitamin K2, you need to take all the others into consideration as well, since these all work synergistically with one another.

Most foods grown today are deficient in magnesium and other minerals. Herbicides, like glyphosate also act as chelators, effectively blocking the uptake and utilization of minerals. As a result, I believe it would be highly unusual for anyone to have access to foods that are rich in magnesium, which is why I believe it is prudent to consider a magnesium supplement.

By far, the most effective and bioavailable form is Magnesium Bis-Glycinate.  For local subscribers this can be found at The Great Vine in Huntsville, ON or online Here for US subscribers.

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Colds & Flu – Part 2-Symptoms of Flu & Cold

Colds & Flu - Part 2-Symptoms of Flu & Cold

Symptoms Of Flu & Cold – What To Do..

Part One:

Symptoms of Flu & Cold are miserable and usually include some of many of:

– General body aches and often shooting sharp pain.

– Fever, but often feeling cold and shivering.

– Headache and/or eye pain.

– Sneezing, coughing, sore throat.

– Extreme fatigue

– Some flu virus’ cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

– Cold symptoms are often very similar, without the overall body aches and digestive symptoms.

The ability to fight off cold and flu is very much a part of your own immune system’s ability to ‘fight back’. That comes from within, together with lifestyle, stress levels, etc. You’re not going symptoms of fluto suffer from these issues because your body lacks the vaccine.

But I think it may be even more important that you know just what is in that vaccine. I think you’ll agree with me that you’d rather not have these things injected into your body.

Ingredients Include:

• egg protein (cell culture)
• sucrose (stabilizers)
• gelatin (stabilizers)
• polysorbate 80 (stabilizer)
• aluminum salts (adjuvants)
• formaldehyde (inactivating ingredient)
• thimerosal/mercury (preservative)
• penicillin/sulfa drugs (antibiotics)

The manufacturing of the flu vaccine begins with an egg protein, which is used to grow enough virus to make the vaccine. Next, formaldehyde is added to kill the virus, and small doses of antibiotics are included to prevent any bacterial contamination of the vaccine during the manufacturing process. Thimerosal (50% mercury..a known and very dangerous neurotoxin) is added in most flu vaccines as a preservative to prevent any further contamination, and sucrose, polysorbate 80, or gelatin is added to stabilize the vaccine for transportation and storage. Finally, aluminum salts are added in order to help stimulate an immune response to the “dead” virus.

As you can see, many of these ingredients are toxic, being know carcinogens and detergents that have harmful or even worse, unknown effects on you. The package inserts for Fluarix and Fluvirin even say that it is uncertain whether or not your fertility will be affected. Nice.

Formaldehyde is a powerful chemical used as a disinfectant and preservative in mortuaries and medical labs. It is listed as a human carcinogen in the 12th Report on Carcinogens published by the National Toxicology Program.

Studies have demonstrated that thimerosal, because of it’s mercury content, can contribute to the development of autoimmune diseases by suppressing the overall immune system and causing systemic inflammation. Due to the controversy concerning this additive, some companies have started producing thimerosal-free vaccines, which are available in a limited supply at certain pharmacies, but often doctors are hesitant to get these as their shelf life is much, much shorter.

Flu Shot DangerPolysorbate 80 is a detergent used to help drugs and chemicals cross the blood-brain barrier. Unfortunately, this stabilizer is also used to treat chronic kidney failure and can contribute to liver toxicity. Polysorbate 80 was also shown to cause “severe non-immunologic anaphylactoid reactions” in this study from 2005.
Aluminum is a recognized neurotoxin that can adversely affect the central nervous system and cause cognitive deficiency and dementia if it enters the brain. Numerous studies have linked aluminum to Alzheimer’s disease.
The antibiotics hidden in the flu vaccine include neomycin, streptomycin, or penicillin, which can cause severe allergic reactions in many people. Not to mention that the overuse of antibiotics can increase your risk for gut infections, like Candida overgrowth.

Steps To A Healthy Winter And Get Rid Of Symptoms of Flu  & Cold:

1) Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds to kill virus, it takes at least that long for washing to work.

2) 80% of the immune system lies within your gut. So many people have diseased or disabled digestive systems with the wrong bacteria living within. Particularly if they’ve taken antibiotics and never corrected back to the normal or ‘good’ gut flora. Take a high end probiotic with at least 25 billion units.

I find this particularly applies to kids, as the majority have taken some form of antibiotic while very young and their digestive flora and integrity has not even been established. This really puts them behind the ‘8-ball’ and hence you see SO many colds and flus in young to about 13 year old kids. Use the Vita Kids Immune and Super Immune Space Sprinkles for them and give them a fighting chance.

3) Both alcohol and sugar consumption suppresses the immune system, even in moderate amounts. Reduce your intake of both.

4) Reduce stress, as it definitely lowers your immune system. I know, easier said than done, but often we put way too much on ourselves and when you take a hard look at your life, many things can be eliminated or at least reduced. Also techniques like yoga, meditation, massage, etc. can help greatly.

5) Get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Nothing knocks your immune system out like being under slept. That’s when most of your body’s detoxing occurs and it’s critical to good health.

6) Take the immune boosters I suggested below. There are ones for adults and children.

Vitamin D3: Studies abound about the immune enhancing abilities of D3. At a time of year when we don’t make enough, it’s when we need it the most.

Beta Gold: A very effective immune support supplement to help us fight off anything, not just the symptoms of flu & cold.  Excellent results are seen in my office everyday.

Glutaclear: To up-regulate your cells’ glutathione levels and studies have shown that virus cannot effectively reproduce (therefore cause illness) in the presence of adequate glutathione.  That means ANY virus.

Vita-Kids Immune:  Our kids are so susceptible because of the exposure they receive in school buses or rooms, with re-cycled air.  Virus just has a hayday, infecting child after child.  This combination again, enhances their immune systems to ward off infection.

Super Immune Space Sprinkles: I just love this product for kids..and they do too. It is a specially formulated blend of several probiotics in a naturally sweet base that changes color when sprinkled on food, designed specifically for children.

Oral supplements of live, beneficial intestinal microorganisms for nutritional health and well-being are knownas probiotics. Dietary probiotics colonize the intestinal tract, depending on the specific bacterium to host affinity. Bacteria are continually in competition for colonization space. The original bacterial colonies have an advantage over transient bacteria. Nevertheless, the composition of the intestinal microflora is dynamic and constantly changing. If harmful microorganisms proliferate, the equilibrium is disturbed, and it becomes difficult even for indigenous bacteria to maintain their necessary territory to colonize the intestine.

Antibiotics tend to kill off both beneficial and harmful bacteria, and thus may also disturb the normal, healthy balance of intestinal microorganisms. Recent studies have indicated that probiotics might be useful in nutritionally supporting the body’s natural response to inflammation and allergies, as well as stimulating the immune system. One strain in particular, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, has been used in Bulgaria for over a decade as an immune enhancing supplement.
Again..people ask what I use in the office. Here’s my small list…there are others of course, but this will get most people through the winter in health.

Tumeric: A great aid to decrease inflammation and add to gut health, allowing the proper probiotics to bloom and ‘rule the roost’.